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Sicad Spa is producing tapes with different types of adhesive. 


Synthetic rubber based adhesive

They are produced through fusion of synthetic resins and thermoplastic rubbers in heat conditions. They have good adhesive and cohesive properties, up to 50 - 60C. For their production, no solvent is used.

Their features are high adhesion, stickyness and good resistance to humidity.


Natural rubber based adhesive

They are made of natural rubbers dissolved in solvent, which, during coating, is dried in special ovens and recovered for new productions. 

They have good adhesion properties, good resistance to solvents, high "softness". They offer excellent functionality in many applications thanks to their versatility. 


Water-based acrylic adhesives

Adhesives including acrylic polymers in water dispersion, made evaporate during coating.

Excellent resistance to heat, fair resistance to solvents, good resistance to plasticizers and very good resistance to ageing and U.V. rays. Suitable to many applications. 


Solvent-based acrylic adhesives

Acrylic polymers in this case are dissolved in solvents than extracted in proper ovens during coating.  

Excellent adhesion and resistance to temperature, solvents, chemical agents, humidity, exposure to light and ageing. They offer secure performance in any applications.   

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