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Materials used as backing are relatively thin and flexible, thus fit to be coat with adhesive; they mainly are:  

  • Paper: smooth or crepe paper with different elongation degrees and tensile strengths; usually in masking tapes, features of raw paper are improved thanks to  saturation: this is a process where paper is treated with latex to improve both chemical and physical characteristics;
  • Film: polyvinylchloride (normally abbreviated with PVC), resistant to humidity and UV rays, it can be printed on and it is  available in different colors;
  • Polypropylene: (not oriented, oriented - OPP, monoaxially oriented MOPP and biaxially oriented BOPP), elastic and resistant to humidity;  
  • Polyethylene: very stretchable, conformable and resistant to humidity; the most used is the low density one (LDPE);
  • Gauzes: obtained with cotton, polyesther or fiberglass.  Excellent conformability;
  • Foam: it is a backing whose features depend on some factors such as chemical nature of the basic material, density, elasticity, cell's structure, thickness and so on. With high thickness, good conformability and damping; the most used is polyethylene one. Non-Woven fabric, made of  textile fibers, very conformable, it can be easily torn by hand;
  • Laminated: combination of two or more materials, e.g. foam+film; it serves for improving features of a product by combining main distinctive features of films  joined together.

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