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Best temperature for the application ranges from 18 and 25C in a dry environment, and it is preferable not to apply the tape with temperatures lower than 10C. If application temperatures are substantially different to those shown, consider that adhesives can behave differently according to their chemical nature.   

Although environmental conditions are known, even the use of the best tape could result compromised, if for example following simple cunnings are not taken into account: 

  • do not apply on surfaces treated or contaminated by anti-adhesives;
  • do not use paints containing additives which could reduce adhesive properties;
  • application surfaces shall be dry and not dusty; 
  • avoid contact with surfaces containing plasticizers or others chemical agents not compatible with the tape; 
  • smooth surfaces increase adhesion; 
  • in case of rough or irregular surfaces, it is better to use tapes with higher quantity of adhesive;
  • "working" conditions and need of removal of the tape  without residues are information also important for the choice of the right product.

Suggested storage temperature shall range from 15 to 25C with max. relative humidity of 65%. With a storage temperature lower than 10C, it is always suggested ambient temperature reconditioning of the tape before its use;   material shall be stored away from heat sources and possibly kept in the original package, avoiding light exposure as well. 


Functionality of a stored adhesive tape is not permanent; resistance to ageing  (i.e. the period over which a tape keeps a functional adhesion level) is considered 1 year, provided that storage conditions are observed: light, temperature and humidity are agents favoring ageing, reducing its usability.   .

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